The Best Sex Position For Your Zodiac

Every zodiac sign has something that’s unique to them and that includes which way they like their sex. Are they a bit kinky or is it straight on missionary for them? Here are the sex positions the stars suggest will do it for each sign. Get ready to get him off so well that he’ll be begging for more.


Aries: Doggy-style


It’s no surprise that Aries men like it rough — they’re the sign of the ram after all, and they also like to show off a little. Erotic doggy style uses a number of pillows which act as constraints. If you can do it in front of a window or outside, adding a touch of the exhibitionist, then the Aries man will love showing off his raw passion and his carnal kink.


Taurus: Missionary Man


Sure, a Taurus man may be a bit basic in his favorite sex position, but what makes him a little different is his amazing endurance. He’s going to go on and on forever, and when he finally reaches climax, it’s going to be incredible. To enhance his experience, make sure to have some candles burning, the lights dimmed, and soft music playing. The ambiance of the encounter is key for a Taurus.


Gemini: Threesome


While a threesome may not be one specific position, it’s the key to mind-blowing sex for a Gemini. Geminis have a lot of energy, and will be sure that no one gets ignored.


Cancer: Sitting Up Cowgirl


The Cancer man is the most considerate and unselfish lover in the zodiac. In other words, what turns him on is making sure that you’re turned on. With the Standing Up Cowgirl, your Cancer man can see your face and feel slightly dominated without it getting too kinky.


Leo: Standing Up


Leos need to be admired at all times, so make sure to stroke his ego as well as any other part while having sex. Ask your partner what they want you to do and then do it, making sure that you can both see each other’s and your own bodies in the mirror.


Virgo: Lotus


Virgos believe in practice makes perfect, so they will do a position over and over again until they get it right. The Lotus position, with him sitting on the floor and you slowly sitting down on him as you wrap your legs around his waist, will allow you to look deep into each other’s eyes, while having deep penetration. It’s trickier than it seems, which will appeal to the Virgo man.


Libra: Scissors


Libras like balance, and in this position neither partner is more dominant or submissive, as both are engaged in similar movements.


Scorpio: Any kinky position


Scorpios love sex. Sure it might be a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. They want their orgasms intense and they want them now — blindfolds, ropes, handcuffs, and anything that will heighten the experience. Scorpios also love edge play: being almost to orgasm and stopping, until they can’t take it anymore and practically explode.


Sagittarius: Backwards Doggy-style


Sagittarians are spontaneous, sexy, and wild. They’re always up for trying new positions and new scenery. Since they crave excitement, doing it outside adds that extra element that they love.


Capricorn: Deep Impact position


While it’s true that Capricorns are very hard-working and dependable, they have a freaky and dominant side to them. They do like to be in charge and they can be with the deep impact position. The woman lies on her back as the man sits on his knees facing her. She then rests her legs on his shoulders. The man grabs her thighs and holds them tightly while thrusting into her. It’s a powerful position and can lead to a very powerful orgasm for both parties.


Aquarius: Variety


You’re going to have to pull out your entire bag of tricks to fully satisfy an Aquarius. The more sex positions, the better, and that includes variations of all of them. By the time you’ve worked your way through half the Kama Sutra, your Aquarius man will be totally spent, but completely happy.


Pisces: Spooning


It’s intimate and loving and gives full body contact — everything that Pisces desire. Pisces can take his time touching your body before even attempting intercourse.





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