Seduction 101

ConfessionsFebFebruary 14, 2015. A day I will never forget. I was just in my apartment, watching movies when someone knocked on the door. I stood up and decided to look on the glass window to see who it was. And imagine my surprise when I saw my super-hot neighbor! He was just wearing a white shirt and black shorts but I could already feel my stomach tighten with just the sight of him. I always read erotic novels and sometimes, well, I wouldn’t deny that I fantasize over him.

Since I’m feeling horny already, I did a naughty little sin. I told him to wait for me then I ran to my room and decided to take my bra off and change my shirt into a thin spaghetti strap so he could see the outline of my breasts and nipples. I turned off the TV and decided to open the door a little. I could still remember how his eyes flew down to my breasts and how he swallowed hard at the sight of me.

I asked him if he needed anything, then he showed me the two bottled beer he was holding. He told me he wanted to drink and maybe I could accompany him. I said yes and let him in. I didn’t know what happened next but I just found myself kissing him and moaning hard while he was busy squeezing my breasts. I was so horny and wet that I just let him do his thing on me. He was pumping fast and I couldn’t help but scream out how I wanted him more and how I wanted him to do me harder.  He did a great job that I even lost count how many times I came… And after that, he told me he also wanted me the very first time he saw me.

I just feel like sharing this story because it’s our first year anniversary!


By: Alexandra


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