The Best Sex Position For Your Zodiac

Every zodiac sign has something that’s unique to them and that includes which way they like their sex. Are they a bit kinky or is it straight on missionary for them? Here are the sex positions the stars suggest will do it for each sign. Get ready to get him off so well that he’ll be begging for more.


Aries: Doggy-style


It’s no surprise that Aries men like it rough — they’re the sign of the ram after all, and they also like to show off a little. Erotic doggy style uses a number of pillows which act as constraints. If you can do it in front of a window or outside, adding a touch of the exhibitionist, then the Aries man will love showing off his raw passion and his carnal kink.


Taurus: Missionary Man


Sure, a Taurus man may be a bit basic in his favorite sex position, but what makes him a little different is his amazing endurance. He’s going to go on and on forever, and when he finally reaches climax, it’s going to be incredible. To enhance his experience, make sure to have some candles burning, the lights dimmed, and soft music playing. The ambiance of the encounter is key for a Taurus.


Gemini: Threesome


While a threesome may not be one specific position, it’s the key to mind-blowing sex for a Gemini. Geminis have a lot of energy, and will be sure that no one gets ignored.


Cancer: Sitting Up Cowgirl


The Cancer man is the most considerate and unselfish lover in the zodiac. In other words, what turns him on is making sure that you’re turned on. With the Standing Up Cowgirl, your Cancer man can see your face and feel slightly dominated without it getting too kinky.


Leo: Standing Up


Leos need to be admired at all times, so make sure to stroke his ego as well as any other part while having sex. Ask your partner what they want you to do and then do it, making sure that you can both see each other’s and your own bodies in the mirror.


Virgo: Lotus


Virgos believe in practice makes perfect, so they will do a position over and over again until they get it right. The Lotus position, with him sitting on the floor and you slowly sitting down on him as you wrap your legs around his waist, will allow you to look deep into each other’s eyes, while having deep penetration. It’s trickier than it seems, which will appeal to the Virgo man.


Libra: Scissors


Libras like balance, and in this position neither partner is more dominant or submissive, as both are engaged in similar movements.


Scorpio: Any kinky position


Scorpios love sex. Sure it might be a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. They want their orgasms intense and they want them now — blindfolds, ropes, handcuffs, and anything that will heighten the experience. Scorpios also love edge play: being almost to orgasm and stopping, until they can’t take it anymore and practically explode.


Sagittarius: Backwards Doggy-style


Sagittarians are spontaneous, sexy, and wild. They’re always up for trying new positions and new scenery. Since they crave excitement, doing it outside adds that extra element that they love.


Capricorn: Deep Impact position


While it’s true that Capricorns are very hard-working and dependable, they have a freaky and dominant side to them. They do like to be in charge and they can be with the deep impact position. The woman lies on her back as the man sits on his knees facing her. She then rests her legs on his shoulders. The man grabs her thighs and holds them tightly while thrusting into her. It’s a powerful position and can lead to a very powerful orgasm for both parties.


Aquarius: Variety


You’re going to have to pull out your entire bag of tricks to fully satisfy an Aquarius. The more sex positions, the better, and that includes variations of all of them. By the time you’ve worked your way through half the Kama Sutra, your Aquarius man will be totally spent, but completely happy.


Pisces: Spooning


It’s intimate and loving and gives full body contact — everything that Pisces desire. Pisces can take his time touching your body before even attempting intercourse.




All About Mandie Lee

Writer for WordPress (Mandie Lee)

  1. What is the story behind your pen name?

Mandie is from Mandy, the name of my heroine from my first ever approved manuscript in My Special Valentine. Lee is my husband’s middle name.


  1. When did you start writing?

Professionally (naks), nag-start ako mag-submit ng manuscripts sa mga publication mga late 2003.


  1. Why did you choose erotica?

Kasi green-minded ako. Haha! Kasi ganito ‘yun, nagsusulat na ako noon sa MSV ng stories na may sexy theme, tapos sa PHR din; kaso may mga time na pinapabawasan ng editor sa akin ang love scenes kasi masyadong detailed daw. So, noon ko pa gusto na sana may imprint na ang PHR for matured readers para wala nang putol-putol. Kaya nang nagkaroon ng Red Room, gora na ako sa erotica! 😉


  1. Is there any inspiration behind your erotic novels?

Parang wala naman. Basta nakakaisip lang ako ng stories na okay na gawing erotic.


  1. What’s your dream writing project?

Erotic romance na graphic novel. Haha!


  1. Which among your novels is your favorite? Why?

Sa PHR, ‘yung Old Flames siguro. First 256 pages ko kasi ‘yun, saka first din na serious ang kuwento. Gusto ko rin ‘yung A Night To Surrender at No Money, No Honey. Sa Red Room naman, I’d say, ‘yung Heat. Gusto ko ‘yung characters nina Kenneth at Sydney saka challenging isulat ang kuwento nila.


  1. Out of all the novels you’ve written, who’s your favorite character? Why?

Ay mahirap yata ito. Madami sila, eh. Pinaka-love ko siguro sina Kent Marcellano (Seducing Kent), Alden Jalandoni (Mutual Pleasure) at Kenneth Nikolas (Heat). Type ko ang heroes na tahimik lang pero nasa loob ang kulo, ‘yung nice guys tapos sa sex ay mga beast mode. Hahaha! Sa female characters naman ay halos lahat sila.


  1. Many writers have “writing rituals.” Some listen to music, others find it easier to write when it’s raining, and some even paint their nails before writing. How about you, what sets your mood in writing?

Basta sinipag ako at nakapagpahinga from my day job, kahit anong oras pa ‘yan. 🙂


  1. Who is your favorite writer? Why?

Agatha Christie and John Grisham. Mga stories nila ang type kong basahin. Hehe!


  1. Have you tried writing a series? If not, any plans of trying it in the future?

Sa MSV, may mga mini-series ako doon. Sa PHR, may trilogy naman ako. Far, far future pa siguro kasi wala ako masyadong time magsulat nang madamihan.


  1. How do you handle writer’s block?

Hindi ko pinipilit. Hinihintay ko na lang bumalik ‘yung muse ko.


  1. What is your most unforgettable fan encounter?

‘Yung may reader akong gumawa ng scrapbook at ipinadala sa akin. 🙂


  1. How do you deal with the bashers?

Pag ang pagsusulat ko o books ko ang nilait, keri lang. Pero pag personalan na ang banat, papatol din ako.


  1. What can readers expect from you in the near future?

I’m planning a trilogy for Red Room. Sana matuloy. 🙂


All About C.C.


  1. What is the story behind your pen name?

C.C. came from my favorite Anime character in Code Geass.

  1. When did you start writing?

High School. Pero wala akong natapos ni isa, kasi masakit sa kamay magsulat sa notebook. Wala naman akong laptop noon. Tanging ballpen at notebook lang ang mayroon ako. Nakakadalawang chapter lang ako palagi noon, nakakainis, kaya tumigil ako. Then nag resume lang ako magsulat ulit after I finished College in 2012. I think mas na motivate pa ako na ituloy ang pagsusulat ng matapos ko ang LOVING AN ASSASSIN (A story dedicated to my best friend), ang pinaka unang story na isinulat ko na natapos and then nasundan ng Falling for Mr. Man Whore na na-published naman under LIB. And the rest is history.

  1. Why did you choose erotica?

Because I’m comfortable with this genre. Even before, palagi kong hinahanap ang Erotica sa mga librong binabasa ko. Nasanay akong magbasa ng erotic-romance kasi mahilig akong magbasa ng English novels na may touch of sexiness and eroticism. And i like writing sexy scenes that can make my reader’s blush.

  1. Is there any inspiration behind your erotic novels?

I was inspired on how an Author (e.g. Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lara Adrian, and many more) can write bed scenes with finesse. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, gusto kong makapagusat ng ganoon balang araw. At saka lahat yata ng sinulat kong kuwento, palaging kaberdehan ang tinatahak na daan. LOL. Mabibilang lang yata ang mga gawa kong nobela na inosente ang laman.

  1. What’s your dream writing project?

Temptation Island Series with Race Darwin and Demon Series that Race and i talked about a couple of months ago.

  1. Which among your novels is your favorite? Why?

Sa na published na, that would be ONE NIGHT WITH MY BOSS. ‘Yon kasi yong unang erotic-romance na sinulat ko e kaya memorabl sakin ang book na ‘to. Sa hindi naman publish, that would be POSSESSIVE SERIES 6: Dark Montero and POSSESSIVE SERIES 5: Calyx Vargaz. Iba kasi ang hugot ko sa dalawang story na ‘to, e. Nandito lahat ng ka-ampalayahan ko sa buhay.

  1. Out of all the novels you’ve written, who’s your favorite character? Why?

Dark Montero. I’m not gonna explain why. LOL. Basahin niyo nalang ang kuwento ni Dark Montero para malaman niyo kung bakit siya ang pinaka-paborito ko sa lahat.

  1. Many writers have “writing rituals.” Some listen to music, others find it easier to write when it’s raining, and some even paint their nails before writing. How about you, what sets your mood in writing?

I make a book cover first (for wattpad). Usually, kapag may pumasok sa isip ko na plot na gusto kong isulat, halos tatlong oras akong nagkakampo sa Google Images, naghahanap ng magandang larawan para sa cover ng story na nasa isip ko. I can’t write a story without a book cover saved in my laptop. Para kasing kulang e. Wala akong maramdamang inspirasyon o kaya naman motivation. And then kapag nakagawa na ako ng book cover, dapat ayosin ko muna ang font size at font style ng MS Word ko, pati margin at line spacing kailangan maayos kundi hindi ako makakapagsulat.

  1. Who is your favorite writer? Why?

Local: Sonia Francesca, Sofia, Jasmine Esperanza, Mariane Reign, Keene Alicante, Arielle, Dawn Igloria, Rose Tan, Bernadette Licarte, Noelle Arroyo, Heart Yngrid and Martha Cecilia. Itong mga writer na ‘to ang dahilan kung bakit nagkaroon ako ng inspirasyon na magsulat. Talagang saludo ako sa mga gawa nila.

International: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lara Adrian, J.K. Rowlings, Rick Riordan, Lyndsay Sands, Rachel Mead, Pittacus Lore, Veronica Roth and Cassandra Clare. These writers just blows my mind off with their super amazing works/stories.

  1. Have you tried writing a series? If not, any plans of trying it in the future?

Yes. Possessive Series, Dark-Boss Series and Temptation Island Series with Race Darwin.

  1. How do you handle writer’s block?

I watch movies and read books. If that didnt work. I eat. A lot.

  1. What is your most unforgettable fan encounter?

It was January this year; I received a message from a reader in my WATTPAD Account. Hinihingi niya ang address ko kasi daw gusto niyang magpasalamat sa akin dahil sa pagbabahagi ko raw ng mga gawa ko. I was stunned for a second. Yon kasi ang unang beses na may nagtanong sakin ng address ko na hindi ko kilala o nakakausap man lang thru chat. We’re good friends now.

  1. How do you deal with the bashers?

At first, masakit kapag bina-bash ako. Pero as time pass by, more than two years na rin akong nagsusulat, nasanay na ako. Hinahayaan ko nalang sila. Ako lang kasi ang ma-i-stress kung papatulan ko e. Bahala sila sa buhay nila, basta ako, masaya sa ginagawa ko.

  1. What can readers expect from you in the near future?

More PS Boys to come.

Editor’s Hot Pick

Tisha took a drag of her cigarette. Noon niya nadama ang mainit na palad sa kanyang mga balikat. Napapitlag siya at agad na lumingon. Giovanni took her breath away. Hayun ito, nakatitig sa kanya na may ngiti sa mga labi.

“I’m glad you came.”

“I was invited.” Hindi niya nagawang salubungin ang tingin ng lalaki, sa halip ay idinutdot ang sigarilyo sa isang ashtray. Kailangang umalis na siya ngunit hindi niya naiwasang magtanong, “So how are you? Great job, by the way.”

“Thank you. You look lovely tonight, Tisha.”

“Thank you.” Genuine ang nadama niyang pagsikdo ng dibdib. Dahil lang sa isang papering ilang ulit na niyang narinig mula sa napakaraming tao. She was beautiful, she knew that. Everyone did. She had a sweet classic face and possessed a sophisticated grace most women only dreamt of being born with.

“I’m happy to see you.”

“Me, too.”

This isn’t me. I hardly recognize myself. Taliwas sa kanyang maamong mukha, pagdating sa trabaho ay mahigpit siya. She demanded the best from employees. She demanded perfection. Kung hindi ganoon ang nadarama niya sa harap ni Giovanni, marahil ay niyaya na niya ito sa kung saang hotel. There, she will fuck his brains out and be done with him before daylight.

Ngunit ngayon, ang tanging nais ni Tisha ay ang titigan ang guwapong mukha ng lalaki, pag-aralan ang mga katangiang taglay nito. Those eyes… those deep-set eyes that seemed to look at her with such admiration. She wanted to drown in those eyes, drown in them forever, if it were possible.

“You didn’t come with anyone, I see,” patuloy ni Giovanni, nanatili ang ngiti sa mga labi.

“What are you implying?”

“That maybe you want to see me. Is that too much of an assumption?”

“Know your place, Giovanni.” Hindi alam ni Tisha kung bakit iyon ang naitugon. Bakit kailangan niyang burahin ang ngiti sa mukha nito? Nais niya iyong muling makita. “But yes, of course I want to see you.”

“You did?” Kumislap ang mga mata ng lalaki.

Sinakmal siya ng pangamba. “I want to fuck you again. Are you available?”

Saka na niya pagsisisihan ang mga nasabi. Naalala niya ang mga pinagdaanan nila ni Giovanni. Ang mga party na hindi nanaisingdaluhan ng isang babaeng marahil ay pinapangarap seryosohin ng mga lalaki. It was bullshit. She had always believed it was bullshit. But she knew it was the way of the world. Palaging pipiliin ng mga lalaking itangi ang isang babaeng birhen. She was far from being one. She was a seductress. She was a goddess of lust and desire.

Patutunayan niya iyon kay Giovanni.


~Her Secret Life

Light His Fire

Since most men aren’t accustomed to hearing compliments about their bodies, they don’t know what they’re missing. Believe me when I tell you that the first time a woman tells him what gorgeous sexy eyes he has, or compliments him on his strong legs, he’s gone! Although they are unaware of it, most men are starving for this kind of attention.



  • Notice his muscular legs
  • Notice his masculine chest
  • Notice his handsome face
  • Notice his gorgeous head of hair
  • Notice his sexy eyes
  • Notice his beautiful smile
  • Notice his broad shoulders
  • Notice his large, masculine hands
  • Notice his deep voice
  • Notice his anything that makes him a male

-237 Intimate Questions

… Every Woman Should Ask a Man

Laura Corn

Her Secret Life

TISHA was stroking the man’s hard cock. Oh, she wanted it inside of her right then and there but the thought that she was going to drive him insane by putting it inside her mouth excited her to no end. Marahil ni hindi inaasahan ng lalaking ito—isang for rent—na makakatikim ng langit sa kamay ng isang socialite na tulad niya. She liked surprising men. Men in general.

“Tisha, open up for me, honey,” wika ni Barbie, isa sa mga kalaro niya na nakapuwesto sa pagitan ng kanyang mga hita. Her name suited her just fine. Her body was like that of the doll’s. Her breasts were large, her waist small. And she liked to be played with.

Pinagbigyan ni Tisha ang babae. Hinaplos niya ito sa pisngi, saka marahang ibinuka ang mga hita. Ngumiti si Barbie. Hinaplos niya uli ang pisngi nito, saka marahang ipinuwesto ang kamay sa ulo ng babae upang udyukan itong ibigay sa kanya ang nais. Her soft tongue moved up her clit. Tisha sighed in utter delight.

The man whose hard cock was getting even harder groaned out loud. This was his first time. A virgin, so to speak, in this industry. Isa itong modelo, Italian, marahil naghahanap ng trabahong mas malaki ang kita upang sa gayon ay hindi mapauwi sa bansang pinagmulan. Her organizer told her about him. Her organizer said he admitted he was not very experienced at this. This was something new to him.

His body was that of a god. Washboard stomach, rock-hard abs, tight butt. He looked fresh, smelled fresh, with a cock that made Tisha so wet she was practically dripping.

While Barbie was giving her unimaginable pleasure, she was moaning with a huge cock in her mouth. Soon, she was coming in Barbie’s mouth again and again. All this time she was moaning and arching her back for all the other models to see. For there were exactly ten people in that room. All for rent, except for Barbie and herself.

But it was not enough. Tisha wanted and needed more. Sinenyasan niya ang dalawang babae at isang lalaki na mag-perform sa kanyang harap. Agad na sumunod ang mga ito. She was hot as hell again and needed a cock inside of her. She stood and bent over, her hands on the bed, her backside towards the model.

He entered her from behind, filling her up completely. The sheer pleasure was divine.

“Barbie,” she called her. She knew exactly what to do. Pumuwesto ang babae sa pagitan ng kanyang mga braso. She lashed her toungue around her clit as the man was thrusting deep. All the while Tisha looked at her audience.

Gayunman, napansin niyang mayroong isang babaeng tila hindi natutuwa sa kanyang munting palabas. Isang bagong babae sa hanay ng mga regular niyang kinukuha. Everyone seemed eager, wanting—the women all probably wet, the men with cocks so hard. Ang babae ay nasa dulo ng hanay. Nakayuko lang ito.

Hindi pinabayaan ni Tisha na masira ang kanyang gabi. Tinawag niya ang babae.”Honey? Honey, look at me. You, the one with the golden hair. Come here.”

Nabigla siya nang tumingin sa kanya ang babae. Her eyes were fierce. She did not look scared or if she was, she was a doing a good job hiding it. Good but not great. Sa kabila ng tapang sa mga mata nito ay hindi maitatago ang pangamba. At bakit nga naman hindi kung alam nitong hindi si Tisha ang babaeng maaaring basta-basta lamang na balewalain. She was, after all, still the daughter of a senator.

“Show me your tits, doll.”

Marahang hinubad ng babae ang blusa. Sa pagkakataong iyon ay hindi na nito maitago ang panginginig ng kamay. Napangitisi Tisha. “Are you a virgin?”

“Hindi po, Ma’am.”

“Then why so shy?”

Hindi ito umimik.Tinawag niya ang isa pang lalaki. “Please her. Lick her. I want to see it.”


Napatingin si Tisha sa babae. “Excuse me?”

“Hindi.” Agad nitong inabot ang blusa at mabilis na isinuot. “Hindi.” Mas mariin ang pagkakabigkas nito sa huling pagtanggi, saka tila nagmamadaling lumabas na. Natural, hindi ito makakalabas nang tuluyan. The doors were locked in a special way. Ang huling nais ni Tisha ay mayroong biglang lumabas o pumasok habang nasa gitna siya ng pagtatanghal. A scandal was not something her father would like.

Pinabayaan na niya ang babae at inutusan ang lalaking nagpapaligaya sa kanya. “Faster, honey.”

He obliged. He rammed his cock inside of her and Barbie’s tongue was circling her clit. The pleasure was too much to take. She came again and again, all the while looking at her audience. This was the kind of thing goddesses probably enjoyed, if they were real. And she was a real-life goddess.

“That was so good,” Tisha said as one girl handed her a robe. Nagtungo siya sa isang mesa at doon ay kumuha ng sigarilyong agad na sinindihan. Nakabukas pa ang kanyang roba nang maglakad patungo sa foyer kung saan tiyak na naghihintay ang babaeng tumalilis kanina. Nakatayo ito sa tabi ng pinto, halatang hindi mapakali.

“Uuwi na po ako, Madame. Pasensiya na po kung hindi ako nakasali.”

“Your first time?”

Bahagyang tumango ang babae. Oh, she wanted her right then and there—show her how to use that body. But there was something about the woman that looked sacred. Muling nagtanong si Tisha. “Are you a virgin?”

Umiling ito. Nanatili ang hating damdamin niya para sa babae. Sa huli, nanatili ang kung anong pasinasyon sa kanyang dibdib para rito… at marahil isang uri ng paghanga. Somehow she envied this girl. Saglit na saglit lang dumaan ang damdaming iyon sa sistema ni Tisha, ngunit sapat upang manatili sa kanyang isip. She liked this girl.

“Ibabalik ko po ang ibinayad ninyo, Ma’am.”

“No need. Keep it.”


“Just keep it.” Isinara ni Tisha ang roba, isang bagay na kusang ginawa ng kanyang mga kamay. Naitanong niya sa sarili kung dahil ba bigla siyang nakaramdam ng kahihiyan… sa isang babaeng bayaran din naman.

“Salamat po, Ma’am.”

Kinuha niya ang susi ng pinto at pinabayaan nang lumabas ang babae. Nanatili sa isip niya ang mukha nito at ang kahihiyang nadama, at parang hindi iyon maaalis agad sa kanyang sistema. She had always had very modern views about sex. Now she wondered why she felt guilt when she never really felt that way before.

Muling tumingin si Tisha sa pinto kung saan lumabas ang babae. Sa puso ay nahiling niyang sana ay maging maayos ang kalagayan nito. Nagbalik siya sa loob ng silid. Dalawang pareha ang naghahalikan nang walang saplot. Kung bakit nainis siyang bigla ay hindi niya alam, hindi na lang siya umimik at nagtungo sa isang silid. There she lied in bed and wondered about her life. Mayamaya ay bumangon na rin siya at lumabas.

“Barbie, do you have time to talk?” aniya.

Tumango ang babae at lumapit sa kanya. Ngunit sa halip na makipag-usap ay dumako sa loob ng kanyang roba ang kamay nito. Soon, she felt hot and wanting. Nalimot niya na ang mga isipin. She called the male model and asked to be licked between the legs.

All About Cady Lorenzana

Writer for WordPress (Cady Lorenzana)


  • What is the story behind your pen name?

Cady came from the protagonist in Mean Girls 1. (I just found it cute, that’s why) And Lorenzana, dahil sa major-major crush ko na si Guji Lorenzana.

  • When did you start writing?

 Informal, around high school. Gumagawa ako ng kuwento at ipapabasa iyon sa buong klase. Script style pa. Formally, college. I was seventeen when I had my first published book.


  • Why did you choose erotica?

Sinapian ako ng masamang espiritu. Chos! The truth is that…it’s because of a simple request of a reader/reviewer. May sinabi siyang something about na gusto niya raw na makapagbasa ng book ko na level up—means, makabasa ng may love or sensual scenes. Kasi medyo kilala ako bilang Wholesome na writer. So I tried. Ginamit ko rin `yun na inspiration para sa unang erotic book ko. 😀


  • Is there any inspiration behind your erotic novels?

Aside from that reader/reviewer, books and magazines—Cosmopolitan Magazine particularly. I call Cosmopolitan Magazines as my office Supplies. He-he. It’s a tradition for me to read Cosmo first before writing an erotic book. I’m also a huge fan of Harlequin Sexy Imprint.


  • What’s your dream writing project?

Palagi kong sinasabi na Gothic Romance. Dream ko iyon pero mukhang magiging Dream na lamang. Hanggang ngayon, wala pa rin akong plot na maisip. Hindi kasi ako mahilig rin magbasa ng Gothic/Vampire or even Wolf novels. Hindi ako mahilig sa Fantasy.


  • Which among your novels is your favorite? Why?

Well, it’s Business and Pleasure. First time ko kasi na mag-out of the box. The concept is new to me pero hindi naman ako nahirapan. Nag-enjoy pa nga ako at parang sumasabog ang ideya sa utak ko habang sinusulat ko siya.


  • Out of all the novels you’ve written, who’s your favorite character? Why?

Artemis De Vera and she is not really a main character. Anak lang siya ng hero ko na may malaking part sa ilang published novels ko. I like kids in a book and I enjoyed her character. She’s just so mataray and spoiled kasi in a nakakatuwa way for me. But if you’ll ask a main character from a book of mine, it’s Lorabelle of Beauty and the Greek. Just read the book to know why.


  • Many writers have “writing rituals.” Some listen to music, others find it easier to write when it’s raining, and some even paint their nails before writing. How about you, what sets your mood in writing?

Music. I enjoy listening to music before and most while writing. The playlist also depends on what book I am writing. Kapag More Than A Fairy Tale, puro Disney Songs. Kapag naman RR, Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack. Kapag RR rin, it’s a habit to paint my nails red before writing…and nasabi ko na yata ito…ang magbasa muna ng Cosmo bago magsulat. Minsan, ginagawa ko rin na magbasa ng book na may kaparehong theme sa isusulat ko before ko isulat ang book na iyon. Example, kapag drama, I’ll make sure I will read a drama book before writing a drama story.  Kapag light romance or comedy, dapat light and comedy rin.


  • Who is your favorite writer? Why?

I have a lot, #SorryNotSorry

International: Michelle Reid, Jennie Lucas, Lynne Graham, Sharon Kendrick (The books they write are full of angst.) Emma Chase of Tangled Series (She’s so witty and funny!)

Filipino: Marian Tee, Heart Yngrid, Belle Feliz, Angel Bautista and Dream Grace.


  • Have you tried writing a series? If not, any plans of trying it in the future?

Yes…but all for PHR. I have three solo series for PHR—International Billionaires, The Last Will (To be published) and To Infinitea and Beyond (To be published) Three Collaboration Series—-The Past, The Present and Camp Speed. As of Red Room, I don’t have any plans in trying a series in this imprint…though iyong published books ko naman for Red Room ay spin-offs.


  • How do you handle writer’s block?

Read books and unwind.


  • What is your most unforgettable fan encounter?

I have a lot…but the most memorable just happened recently. Feeling ko ay hindi naman siya fan encounter talaga. And I don’t call a reader a fan…it’s just too—errr. Ha-ha! Pa-humble po ako mostly, eh. He-he! I call them friend or a reader. But yeah, may na-encounter lang ako while strolling sa Bench. Sales Lady siya roon and she’s like… “Ma’m, may kamukha po kayo.” Ngiting-ngiti pa ako kasi akala ko sasabihin niya artista. Naghihintay ako ng sagot na “Kathryn Bernardo” O `di ba, ang kapal ko. Ha-ha! Pero nang sabihin niya na “PHR Writer” parang nahiya ako. I just felt like…what? Kilala ako kahit sa public place, `kalian mo `yun! Ayokong ma-feel na sikat ako. Ha-ha!


  • How do you deal with the bashers?

We can’t please everybody. Ignore and ignore until they die. Chos.


  • What can readers expect from you in the near future?

Ayokong sagutin ito. Baka malungkot kayo! Ha-ha!





The Perfect Place for a Hand Job

One of the many advantages of a hand job is that it can be done in a variety of places. Intercourse and fellatio (forgive me ladies, “blow job” just isn’t my favorite term), even excessive kissing, are difficult to overlook when being done in public. However, a good hand job can practically be done under the nose of a stranger without detection. It’s been known to happen in such places as in restaurants (providing the tablecloth is long enough), in airplanes (those little blankets are good for something), and on amusement park rides (though you may have to go around more than once). Although admittedly, the risk involved is part of the thrill, by all means, do be careful. Being arrested is another serious mood killer. Basically, men are thrilled by a good hand job outside of their bedrooms.

Consider these reported favorite locations:

  • Stairwells of hotels, libraries, or office buildings
  • Boardroom tables
  • The boss’s desk (who knew this was so popular!)
  • A restaurant powder room
  • Laundry rooms
  • Under the beach blanket
  • The kitchen counter, when on your way out of the house for the evening



-237 Intimate Questions

… Every Woman Should Ask a Man

Laura Corn

All About Aniya B.

Writer for WordPress (Aniya B) 1

  • What is the story behind your pen name?

The letter ‘B’ is actually an old special someone at that time when I was still brainstorming for a pen name. Then the ‘Aniya’ just stuck because it’ was pretty.


  • When did you start writing?

When I was in grade four. I used to write short horror stories at the back of my notebook during class lectures.


  • Why did you choose erotica?

What? Erotica chose me! Chos. Kidding aside, at first I just wanted to experiment and try a new genre with matured scenes and characters… but now I enjoy writing erotica. Writing erotica feels intimate and a detailed (explicit) version of romance.


  • Is there any inspiration behind your erotic novels?

Inspirations are everywhere. But I learned the ropes of writing erotic novels through reading lots and lots of books and a few trial and error.


  • What’s your dream writing project?

At the moment, I wish to write a completely mind puzzling. The mysterious and thrilling kind.


  • Which among your novels is your favorite? Why?

I’m going to have to say Walk of Shame since it’s my first published book. It’s also the first book that I wrote within three months. It’s very special to me.


  • Out of all the novels you’ve written, who’s your favorite character? Why?

It hasn’t been published yet but so far, it’s Savion Fajardo from If This Ends. Her character is mature, fun, and she’s just really likeable. She’s very easy to write, that’s why.


  • Many writers have “writing rituals.” Some listen to music, others find it easier to write when it’s raining, and some even paint their nails before writing. How about you, what sets your mood in writing?

I like to write at midnight when it’s quiet and everyone’s asleep. While at it, I drink coffee and listen to my writing playlist. Oh, I always make sure to drink my favorite chocolate drink. It’s a pre-writing habit.


  • Who is your favorite writer? Why?

I don’t really have a favorite writer e. Tho I love a lot of writers. Having a favorite writer means loving and liking all of his/her works, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that.


  • Have you tried writing a series? If not, any plans of trying it in the future?

I’m working on something right now. It consists of seven books and I’m actually pretty excited.


  • How do you handle writer’s block?

I read books and watch movies with eating and sleeping in between, until the idea gets me.


  • What is your most unforgettable fan encounter?

When I attended my first ever booksigning and a fan gave me a gift. It was my first time to receive something from a fan and I’m just really a sucker for little things/gestures.


  • How do you deal with the bashers?

I pray for their souls.


  • What can readers expect from you in the near future?

More books to come! I can assure them that. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing.

FuBu- Ex-FuBu Again

ConfessionsFebMy bf and I broke up a week ago, and because I love him so much di ko pa rin tinigil ang pagpaparamdam sa kanya, he made me go wild in sex, ewan ko ba pero hindi ko na kayang makipagsex sa iba or even flirt, fact is we met on adult site and we became fuck buddy sad is I fell inloved with him pero hindi sya, and yes it was a one sided love. Until now nagkikita pa rin kami for sex, kahit na sinabi na nyang ayaw na nya still nakikipagkita pa rin sya sakin strictly for sex, and yesterday February 14, I went to his house as usual ako laging nagpupunta sa kanya, we had sex ofcourse and it was very satisying, he makes me go wild and crazy when it comes to sex kaya siguro hindi ko sya ma let go, sya lang nakakapagbaliw sakin when it comes to sex and di ko na maimagine na makipagsex sa iba or even flirt, DLC I still love you and thank you for the crazy sex ever.


By: Tate Perez